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Our Road Freight Products offer high quality road transportation, from standard services such as LTL (Less-than-Truck Load), PTL (Part) or FTL (Full-Truck Load) shipments to temperature controlled and highly secured transports.

We combine our air, ocean, road freight capabilities with a range of specialty services & expertise to support your domestic handling & transportation needs throughout the United States. Our services span to cover cross-border between US-Canada and US-Mexico as well as a choice of multi-modal solutions to fit your needs.

  • Flexible domestic solutions throughout the United States, incl. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands
  • Air Freight: our day definite service menu ranges from Next Flight Out to Deferred to support multiple transport & transit time requirements
  • Ocean Freight: Alaska Pacific Service offers a combination  of ocean & ground freight for full (FCL) & less-than (LCL) container loads
  • Road Freight: Full-Truck-Load (FTL) & Less-than-Truck-Load (LTL) point-to-point service incl. day-definite. A number of equipment types  & capacities such as semi-trailer, 40ft/53ft trailers & others

A range of specialty services & expertise for US market covering:

  • DE Transborder Connect: a cross border solution combining freight forwarding, transport-related warehousing & customs brokerage
  • DE White Glove: precision delivery service for labor-intensive deliveries that require special care and attention
  • Drayage and ground/rail intermodal solutions; Oversize & overweight cargo; Pool distribution; Control Tower

A seamless intercontinental door-to-door distribution service. Combining intercontinental transportation capabilities with road freight, courier or postal networks, it offers end-to-end transparency and helps shorten your delivery time to market – cutting supply chain costs.

  • Direct Door-to-Door delivery, ensuring faster speed-to-market by bypassing distribution centers/warehouses in destination markets
  • Efficient consolidation of individual shipments at origin including air, ocean and rail shipments, subsequent distribution via road freight, courier or postal network.
  • Streamlined operations, ensuring the right speed of individual shipments to multiple business consignees, reducing costs and CO2 emissions
  • Single point of contact and a single offer
  • End-to-end transparency of services and delivery performance
  • Flexible volumes possible
  • Broad range of value-added services: customs clearance, CO2 measurement and offsetting
  • Max weight 1,000kg per item & max size of 300x200x155cm




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The first methods of road transport were horses, oxen or even humans carrying goods.


A warehouse is a commercial building for storage of goods. Warehouses are used by importers, exporters etc..

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